You now, as webmasters, have the ability to include Get Tiffany (the online game) as content in your site.

More Information:

Why should I do this?
You want to make your site succeed. In order for you to do so you will need content that people will want to come back for again and again. Get Tiffany has proven that it can not only entertain but also keep people coming back many times over. Because of this, your customers will remember their experience and remember you.

Won't I just be giving my traffic to you and not getting anything in return?
Due to the way we set up the HTML page, it will look to your customers as if this game belongs to you. If they want to play again at some other time, the only way your customers will know how to get back to the game is through your site. In fact, even if the customer bookmarks the page, it will look like it is within your site. See the SAMPLE SITE for a demonstration.

What will it cost me?
Nothing. Zip. Zero. We give you some HTML and you put in your site and that's it.

Who will be hosting the game?
We will. We take care of all the bandwidth problems and hosting problems for you. It will just LOOK like you are.

Some of my customers will be signing up as Get Tiffany members. What's the deal?
The money that is made by memberships will pay for running the Get Tiffany server. This is how we are able to offer this service to you for free.

I need some graphics to put on my site that have to do with Tiff. What do I do?
Email and some can be made up for you free of charge or grab some pre-made graphics HERE.

I think I will have over 1000 logins to Get Tiffany from my site per day. What special deals can I get?
If you don't want your customers to mix with the main Get Tiffany site, we can make you your own “Game Space” where your players will be separate. We can also change the graphics of the game or the language of the game to better match the graphics or language on your site. If you use these options, we may ask you to cover the development costs of doing so.

Do I need to inform you before I put Get Tiffany on my site?
We would appreciate it if you give us an email once everything is up and running. We'll put a link to your site in the EXISTING SITES WITH GET TIFFANY page and email you if there is any change in service.

Are there any conditions?
Yes, but not many.
1.We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason.
2.We are not responsible for any losses of any kind due to putting Get Tiffany on your site.
3.This offer is not transferring any copyright or ownership to you. You may use the supplied graphics while you remain in good standing with us.
4.Refer to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE page for more information.
Make sure you understand the conditions above before you put Get Tiffany on your site.