Online Help

Please read this before you email the game about a problem. The email address to the game is

I installed GT on my computer and it can't connect to the server anymore! What's going on?
The newest version of Shockwave has some kind of problem with its communication tools. Here's what to do to make it work:
1: Uninstall Get Tiffany.
2: Download the installer and run it.
3: On the first page of the installation click MORE INFO.
5: Then click the check-box named OVERRIDE INSTALLATION TYPE.
6: Then click BACK twice and then continue the installation as normal.
This will install the NON-Shockwave version of GT on your computer and should take care of the problem.

I lost my password and I am NOT a member.
You are S.O.L. Don't email the game about it because you have no proof that it's your account.

I lost my password and I AM a member.
If you paid with Paypal, you can request that your password be looked up because there is a record of who you are. It takes the Admin quite a while to track this down, so there is now a $5 charge to do this. Please send an email with the following information to the game:
1: Your receipt email that you got from Paypal when you paid for your account. (If you don't have this it's ok.)
2: The exact player name.
3: The email address you use with Paypal.
4: Any guesses on what the password might be.
5: Then send $5 with Paypal to ‘'.
The password will be sent to the email address listed on your Paypal account.

I'm being cloned and the clone is ruining my reputation.
There is a problem with the capitol “I” looking like the lower case “l” and the numeral “1”. There is nothing that can be done about this. Try to message the offending player and find some solution.

I was banned for quitting too many games. How do I get Unbanned?
First of all, Get Tiffany was made for 4 players so please stop quitting games. If you think that you have been banned in error please email the game with your player name and password and explain why you think you were wrongfully banned. We reserve the right to reject any player for any reason. If your submission is accepted you will be issued a code. Then download the Unbanning utility HERE and enter your player name, password and the code. Please use the code as soon as you can because the code expires 24 hours after it is created. This is only good on the same computer that you were banned on.

I want to know when the next Version of GT will be out.
There is no schedule for this. Announcements will be made when more information is available.

I played GT a LONG time ago and am trying to log back in again. It keeps saying that there is no such player.
Because there are so many players that want to play Get Tiffany, some accounts must be cleared out to make room for new accounts. This means that if you have not logged into your account for a while there is a good chance it's been deleted. For accounts that have had little to no use, the account inactivity period is as little as a week. For members it's six months. Member accounts will never expire as long as you log in at least once every six months.

Please delete my player.
There have been too many problems with this and so no accounts will be deleted.

I need you to add my clan site to the Related Sites page.
Just send the following info in an email to the game and it will be taken care of immediately.
1: The URL of the site. (Please check that it works.)
2: The name of the site.
Please make sure that you are finished making the site before you send the email because half-done sites will not be posted.

I have written an article or want to nominate a featured player.
This is on a first-come first-serve basis so you might have to wait a while before your article is posted if there are people waiting in front of you. Please be sure to SPELL CHECK your article or nomination and to include what it should list as the Author. Make sure you read through some of the articles or nominations that have been written before to get an idea about length and content. Featured players can be ANYONE who has an interesting story. You can't nominate yourself. Please don't use this to advertise your clan.

I want to buy several memberships. Can you give me a volume discount?
YES! Please email the game about this and we can work out a deal. You can either assign all the memberships right away or can get Membership Credits that you can assign later as the need arises.