Get Tiffany Staff

The GT staff consists of Travis Apple(owner, founder, programmer, developer and person you go to when there's a real problem) and several admins who wish to remain unnamed. Below is a story about Travis Apple and how he started this game.

It was November of 2000 when I first came up with the idea of Get Tiffany. I was sitting in a restaurant near my apartment looking down into my coffee and there she was. She said, "Build it and they will come..." And I did. But I'm getting ahead of myself because this little piece is supposed to give you some idea about who I am.

I come from a sleepy little town named Grass Valley about 50 miles east of Sacramento, CA in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. When the time came for me to do my own thing I moved south and attended college at UC Santa Barbara. I graduated with the class of 2000 with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Economics.

During the 5 years I was in college I worked for a company that gave me a tremendous amount of latitude and responsibility making corporate CD-ROMs. These CD-ROMs were printed in the thousands and described the product line of the company, which was all about building robots for computer manufacturing factories. My experience there is mostly how I was able to code GT. There is a LOT of code that goes into giving you the opportunity to get Tiffany.

Right after I graduated college, I was given $100,000 and asked to start and lead an Internet company about health and weight-loss. I was given a ton of "equity" in the company and I thought that this was how I was going to retire and move to the Bahamas... However, after 6 months of work and three weeks before we were about to launch, the guys in charge of the money pulled the plug because the economy was drying up. We had a great site but it was not meant to be...

So, in a nutshell, that's me. If you want to chat about something, email the game and it's forwarded to my inbox.

Also, if you need a web site (big or small) please give me an email and we can discuss it. As you can see from this game, I am capable of delivering graphics, multiuser environments and database solutions. Please go to for more information on this and many other things.

Thanks for reading,

Travis Apple